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How to use the chart library .dll

  • Download the chart library and place the 'GravityApps.Mandelkow.MetroCharts.dll' file into your solution.
  • Create a reference to this in your application.
  • Add the Graph.xaml file to your project and link via a merged dictionary, OR include the default styles shown below in your App.xaml; Graph.xaml is in the test application and the binaries .zip
  • Create code to supply the data.
  • Create XAML code with settings you require
  • The line a scatter styling can be altered to suit your application - Styling
  • Alter the Legend Styles if required
  • See Creating Custom Pieces to create your own chart piece to fit onto the standard column piece axis


                <ResourceDictionary Source="Graphs.xaml"></ResourceDictionary>

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